Welcome to the AGRANA Research & Innovation Center (ARIC)

The AGRANA Research & Innovation Center (ARIC) is the AGRANA Group’s central research and development company. ARIC is managed as an independent company and is a wholly owned subsidiary of AGRANA Beteiligungs-AG. 70 staff work on sugar, starch and fruit research projects over an area covering approximately 4,000 m².

As part of the expansion of Zuckerforschung Tulln (ZFT) in 2014, AGRANA pooled all its research and innovation activities together. ZFT and the Innovation and Competence Center (ICC), previously in Gleisdorf, Styria (Austria), were brought together under one roof.

The new organisation allows for greater cooperation between the two research groups, which had previously worked mainly independently of each other. The experience of ZFT and ICC have been combined, resulting in the increased exploitation of synergy effects in cross-divisional research, such as clean label, nutritional physiology, sweeteners and flavouring, which affect all divisions. Administration synergies arise from the shared use of libraries, back offices and joint administration as well as the presentation of a standardised image when applying for funding. In addition, the new AGRANA ‘research headquarters’ enables an ideal link to university institutions and their graduates.

ARIC’s aim is to secure and actively shape the company’s success in the future through innovations. These innovations may be product innovations or innovations related to our processes and production technology.

Furthermore, ARIC also makes its specialised R&D expertise available to third parties and acts as a state-accredited laboratory for sugar beet quality testing.

ARIC is divided into five departments:

The natural upgrade.

  • Sugar.
  • Starch.
  • Fruit.