Collaboration project AGRANA Fruit | ARIC | DOSIL

23 February 2015

During the collaboration between AGRANA Fruit, the AGRANA Research and Innovation Center and the French filling manufacturer DOSIL the multinational team was able to finish project phase 2 successfully. Since one year the focus of the highly user oriented project “Raspbereen” is on the ‘correct’ filling of fruit preparations. During the filling process several parameters from the fruit preparation (piece show, fruit content, stabilization system and viscosity) as well from the filling technology (type of filling nozzles, nozzle diameter, over-pressure, temperature and automation speed) built up a multifactorial matrix, which needs to be understood. The new insight and know how on how to adapt fruit prep recipes on existing lines or how to design new filling lines for innovative fruit preparations will help to optimize the destruction rate of the fruit pieces, the cup to cup distribution, the dosing accuracy, and the dripping characteristics during filling operations. The cooperative partnership of the 3 Institutions will strengthen our know how, will help understanding our client wishes better and will bring better reactivity in trouble shooting requests. With this solid background and understanding we are ready for future joint projects with our local and global dairy customers.    >>> Videoclip

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