Key activities

Besides the local product development teams at almost every AGRANA Fruit production location worldwide, an international research and development team at the AGRANA Research & Innovation Center (ARIC) also deals with global innovation in the fruit preparation segment. In close cooperation with the global AGRANA Fruit marketing team, projects are embarked on of all sizes with high client and consumer relevance and the result is usually rolled out and implemented worldwide at the individual affiliates.

Close cooperation with our production locations makes us a versatile team heavily focused on solutions, which is often used as an internal project partner.
Collaborative cooperation with universities and other research institutes allows us to experimentally further develop our existing technologies.

With the competent, professional experts at the AGRANA Research & Innovation Center we are not only able to improve our production processes but also facilitate work on new product developments.

The natural upgrade.

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  • Starch.
  • Fruit.