The strategic focal areas of the AGRANA Research & Innovation Center comprise the preparation, processing and application of agricultural products in the food industry and as sustainable resources for technical applications. The close collaboration of the four AGRANA divisions of Sugar, Starch, Fruit and Bioethanol results in synergies that we wish to harness for you.

Our specialised knowledge, product expertise and considerable experience form the basis for your success, together with our very well-equipped technical centre.

Technical centre equipment
AGRANA Research & Innovation Center has a very well-equipped technical centre with an area of approx. 1200 m² over three floors. It comprises all the standard processes in the starch segment on a pilot scale:

Pilot plants for producing corn starch

Pilot plants for producing potato starch

Pilot plants for producing wheat starch

Spray drying plant

Plants for the chemical, physical and enzymatic modification of polysaccharides, in particular starch

We also have equipment for chemical and basic process technology operations. This includes equipment for the performance of the following processing operations:






-Solid/liquid separation

What we offer:

-Client-specific product development and process optimisation

-The use of different technologies on a pilot scale of 1 kg - 2.000 kg

-A wide variety of analysis options

-Professional consultancy services

-Application technology

The natural upgrade.

  • Sugar.
  • Starch.
  • Fruit.