One important task of the Sugar Technology department is to assist in the continuous optimisation of sugar production. To this end, there are fixed arrangements for sugar factories based in Austria, such as the advanced analysis of key products from sugar production as well as information platforms such as the ‘ARIC March conference’, the plant discussion rounds in May and the pre-campaign discussion in September. In addition, the Sugar Technology department takes part in the annual AGRANA Sugar Division workshops in order to share experience and information, and addresses current issues.

There is also a need to get involved in tackling current problems faced by the AGRANA Group from time to time. In addition to the experience gained over several decades, the department’s outstanding analytical skills can also be useful here. The services provided also include involvement in working groups (CoCs) within the Südzucker Group.

The Sugar Technology department at the AGRANA Research & Innovation Center also offers to carry out a whole variety of different analyses for external clients, including certification and diagnosis of results at market rates. The focus here is on the quality testing of white sugar – from the usual analysis of the EC points to determining the turbidity, as well as from testing floc properties and filterability to heavy metals – and molasses.

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