Sugar technology

Sugar technology is a separation technology in which the sugar beet’s ingredients are separated into the main product of crystalline white sugar and various by-products in the feed and fertiliser segment, mainly pellets, molasses and carbolime. From an economic perspective, this should be done with no losses as far as possible and with minimal consumption of energy and process materials. The following diagram shows how the beet’s ingredients are separated during the production of sugar and how the sugar is broken down into white sugar and molasses.

The quality of the beet is particularly important in order to achieve an optimum result. Given the limited shelf life of the beet, it can only be processed within a certain period of time (campaign), the ideal length of which also significantly contributes to the economic efficiency of sugar production. It is becoming increasingly important to monitor the quality of white sugar, and the by-products resulting from sugar production, by means of monitoring programmes in order to meet the ever growing number of requirements.

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