Sugar and Beet Analytics

Accredited testing laboratory for field testing and sugar beet analysis

In the area of field testing, Agrana Research & Innovation Center GmbH (ARIC) concentrates primarily on optimising the production of sugar beet. Tests are set up throughout Austria’s sugar beet growing areas.

The ARIC testing laboratory has specialised in the testing of varieties of and pesticides used in sugar beet farming, as well as in harvesting and beet preparation.
Quality assurance procedures guarantee the highest degree of professional and rigourous processing.

The ARIC testing laboratory has been accredited as a testing laboratory in accordance with the EN 17025 standard for these fields since 1999.

The area of beet analysis was developed by the Zuckerfabrik Tulln’s beet laboratory. This was set up in 1968 and can draw on thirty years of experience in sugar beet analysis. Approximately 70,000 beet samples are analysed every year.



The ARIC testing laboratory defines the parameters:

  • Weight of pure beet
  • Sugar content
  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • Blue water footprint

It is also accredited as a testing laboratory for sugar beet analysis in accordance with the EN 17025 standard.


The testing laboratory staff are required to work in strict accordance with the prescribed regulations and to ensure consistent working and quality documentation. The testing work must be carried out so that the requirements of the EN ISO 17025 standard and those of the regulating authorities are met.
The test reports compiled are public documents with global recognition.

Impartiality, independence and integrity

ARIC is not involved in the development, production or sales of seeds or pesticides (in particular for the sugar beet crop). Any testing jobs accepted are assessed exclusively on the basis of objective criteria. If objectivity cannot be guaranteed for a job for some reason, it will not be accepted.

The testing laboratory is completely independent of the company’s other departments. The authorised signatories are completely autonomous with regard to their testing work. There is no question of any third-party influence on the results and the technical assessment.

ARIC staff are obligated to maintain strict confidentiality with regard to the results, the carrying out tests, enquiries and clients. The personnel that are used for testing work relevant to quality are employed permanently and exclusively by ARIC. The remuneration of personnel used for testing work does not depend on the number of tests carried out or their results.

The natural upgrade.

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