As part of the expansion of Zuckerforschung Tulln (ZFT) in 2014, AGRANA pooled all its research and innovation activities together.

ZFT and the Innovation and Competence Center (ICC), previously in Gleisdorf, Styria (Austria), were brought together under one roof. The new organisation allows for greater cooperation between the two research groups, which had previously worked mainly independently of each other. The experience of ZFT and ICC have been combined, resulting in the increased exploitation of synergy effects in cross-divisional research, such as clean label, nutritional physiology, sweeteners and flavouring, which affect all divisions. Administration synergies arise from the shared use of libraries, back offices and joint administration as well as the presentation of a standardised image when applying for funding. In addition, the new AGRANA ‘research headquarters’ enables an ideal link to university institutions and their graduates.



Raiffeisen-Bioforschung GmbH established


New building for Raiffeisen-Bioforschung officially opened


All RBF shares acquired by the Zuckerforschungsinstitut, R&D activities incorporated from AGRANA Stärke GmbH, technical centre (Technikum) (II) enlarged and laboratory area expanded.


Renamed Zuckerforschung Tulln GmbH, 100% subsidiary of the Zuckerforschungsinstitut in the Professional Association of the Food, Drinks and Tobacco Industry at the Federal Chamber of Commerce


Acquisition by AGRANA Beteiligungs-AG.


Zuckerforschung Tulln GmbH technical centre (III) enlarged


Agricultural department closed as a consequence of the amended sugar market regime


Zuckerforschung Tulln GmbH’s 25th anniversary celebrations


Zuckerforschung Tulln GmbH's facilities (technical centre IV, laboratory and office building) expanded


AGRANA research activities merged with ZFT and renamed AGRANA Research & Innovation Center