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Growth in the AGRANA REsearch & Innovation CenterGmbH: We get a new department for agricultural research

„Agricultural Research“ – we take up the challenges

Date: 01.03.2019

Due to current developments in agriculture, such as prohibitions of pesticides, drought or the appearance of the Beet Weevil, it was urgently necessary to respond to ensure the success of beet growing in Austria. AGRANA take up this challenge and therefore intensifies its efforts on agricultural research. For this purpose, an "Agricultural Research" department will be established at the AGRANA Research & Innovation Center GmbH on 1st of March2019. In the future, the team will concentrate all agricultural research activities in the sugar segment and will be available for questions related to the starch, fruit and juice sectors.

With the newly created department, the structure will provide all our partners, from farmers to scientific institutions, with a highly competent point of contact on all matters relating to the further development of sugar beet production and the implementation of new solutions.