Open Innovation


Here at ARIC, we take open innovation to the next level. We work with researchers, startups and innovation partners to strengthen AGRANA as a company and create disruptive innovations.

As a leading manufacturer of food ingredients with roots in agriculture, we as AGRANA want to make significant contribution to a green, plant-based, healthy, and livable future with a focus on fruit, sugar and starch for food as well as sustainable technical applications.

These goals can only be achieved through innovation, although it is also important to gain new perspectives and be open to suggestions outside.

We have extensive know-how in the areas of R&D and technology and can quickly implement ideas using existing or new approaches. In addition, ARIC, as AGRANA’s R&D center, has direct access to the entire supply chain, from producer to consumer, in order to test new solutions and, of course, to promote successful market entry. We want to use our opportunities to strengthen the local location and Austrian economy in global competition.

That’s why we strive to work with innovative startups. Shaping the future together. We invest in startups and rely on open innovation for new ideas and partnerships. This is the key to new innovations and a shared future.

We are looking forward to your application

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