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When starch becomes glue

Starting an R&D project for sustainable adhesivesAt the beginning of April the project, „BioSet“ was launched. The project is based on a cooperation between the Agrana Research & Innovation Center and the Plastics Cluster in Lower Austria and is funded under the FTI framework (project duration 4 years).

Date: 20.05.2019

In a close collaboration between three research institutions (TU-Wien, BOKU, Wood K+) processes are to be developed via which the preparation of bio-based, environmentally friendly adhesives can be accomplished by means of enzymatic approaches. The focus will be on investigating the mechanisms, which are involved during enzymatic oxidation of starch and lignin intended to be used for construction purposes or chipboard production. The assessment of novel, green refinement processes will require a major effort with the goal of investing in eco-friendly development and hence, in a sustainable future.

The companies Agrana, Metadynea and Murexin (located in lower Austria) are part of the project consortium. As leading enterprises, they are close to the market and are therefore in the best position to commercialize new inventions.