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The AGRANA Research & Innovation Center (ARIC) was represented at the Betaexpo with a booth on the subject of "Bioplastics".

Date: 30.09.2019

On 21st  of September BETAEXPO, the annual autumn show, took place on Austria´s largest agricultural showvel at the southern terrain of the AGRANA sugar factory in Tulln.
As part of the family day, both farmers and people interested in agriculture learned about the crops of potato, corn, wheat and sugar beet on the approximately 600 showcases.
The AGRANA Research & Innovation Center (ARIC) this year presented its activities in the research field of bioplastics. The focus was on starch, which is processed as a natural, sustainable and readily available biopolymer into a thermoplastic material and used as a starting material for the production of bioplastics.
On the richly decorated tables, the most varied applications for starch-based bioplastics were shown to interested visitors. These included vases and frogs from the 3D printer, injection molded items such as the vine braces or clothespin and hollow body blown bottles, just to name a few examples.
However, the most attention has been paid to the ubiquitous home-compostable and thus biodegradable bioplastic bags. It was very vividly shown how these bags are degraded during home composting and thus produce no microplastics. After 5 weeks, a large part of the film was already decomposed in home compost. The interested visitor was also given an AGRANA bag of latex and informed that only products with the Home Compostable Certificate can actually be used in compost.